Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Review 27: Wall Street 2.(2 STARS)

The original of this movie has been shown quite a few time on a local cable channel which reminded me that I had seen the sequel recently and I should write something about it.The movie starts with Gordon Gekko (Douglas) being released from prison and no one to greet him and his anger with the world and who he saw  put him where he was Bretton James (Brolin) and uses the anger of Jake Moore (Labeouf) who believes that Bretton was the cause of his mentors death when he bought out their company. Jake is in a relationship with Gekko's daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan) who hates her father because of the death of her brother.

What happens is that Gekko acts true to form and then develops a conscience, revenge is got and don't get me wrong I love revenge but I don't love this movie, maybe its La Beouf who hasn't done anything that brilliant that I even own apart from maybe Constantine, Michael Douglas is so-so and the message is now that greed is not only good but legal and the background story running through the movie of what has happened to America because of banks and financial institutions.

This might have earned 3 STARS if they had ended the movie 5 minutes earlier.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Review 26: The American.(3 STARS)

I had mixed feelings after watching this movie because it left me a liitle perplexed and wondering what I missed or did I miss, I like Clooney, good actor and good screen presence and in this he starts off as a bad guy with an attempt on his life and somebody he is with in Sweden and he goes on the run and ends up in a little village in Italy vowing never to work again but is lured out with a job by his contact developing a weapon for a female client and this is to be last job ever.He develops a friendship with the local priest and a local prostitute while the job proceeds but he is being followed by the swedes and trying to kill him but he is a harried and paranoid man and trusts no one (part of his profession being a hitman I suppose).The job and movie conclude with people trying to kill him that he believed he trusted or didn't?, I found myself at the end asking questions about the Swedes, the woman with his last contract and his contact who seems to be constantly displeased with him, the priest and prostitute are distractions, the prostitute is a beautiful distraction though and the set pieces are fine.

The movie is slow paced but beautiful (what you would expect from a director who was primarily a photographer) and the liitle nod to Once upon a time in the West playing on a cafe TV but if you like Clooney (his performance of moody, brooding and paranoid should have his picture in the dictionary under these words for example) you will probably like this but hopefully not end up slighty confused as I was, 3 STARS because of Clooney, DiCaprio would have given it 2 STARS. 
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