Friday, 7 January 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Review 22: Punisher: War Zone.(4 STARS)

I have loved the Punisher ever since I picked up the first issue comic book back in the day and I consider him one of the greatest villian/vigilante character in comics and movies.The first movie was with Dolph Lundgren playing the pivotal role (still a very good movie to this day), then followed Thomas Jane's version ( not bad but slighty hampered by John Travolta's villian) and now we have Ray Stevenson and his version of one of the Punisher's comic series.

The Punisher (Frank Castle) is 6 years into his vigilante vendetta against crime after the murder of his family by criminals and is picking on a mob family and one member mad Billy Russoti escapes and through an accident involving glass he becomes a monster of a character called Jigsaw (during this incident an undercover federal agent is killed by the Punisher aswell).The Punisher decides to give it all up but the threat to the dead undercover agents family brings the Punisher back into action against Jigsaw and his gang and a lot more bad guys and a case of whuppass is opened.

The acting from some is over the top but Stevenson is very good as the brooding Frank Castle, the action is gory, fast and exciting and over the top a bit but all in all this is my favorite version of the Punisher legend on celluloid but only just ahead of Dolph's.


  1. I liked Travolta as the villain in the second one.

  2. Played the game saw the movie superb idea and concept

  3. Watched this the other day, was wicked!

  4. Nice write-up! Love Punisher War Zone! There are some great action sequences and it has an old-school feel.


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