Thursday, 6 January 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Review 21: Despicable Me.(4 STARS)

Right first off apologies for the lack of posts between the weather, christmas break, man flu and forgetting for a little while that I had a second blog things have been poor and they may not be getting better because I am reviewing cartoons and even worse it was very good and made me smile a lot (not laugh out loud mind you).

This is a fun watch depicting a bad guy/villian Dr.Gru who has plans to steal the moon but is been thwarted at every turn by a young villian Vector, so one day he sees 3 orphans ( so insanely cutely drawn the illustrator must have passed out through sugary sweet overload or at least lost his teeth) selling cookies enter the young villians lair quite easily with their product (our older villian has failed miserably by this stage and our older villian adopts them to gain access to the younger villians lair to retrieve shrinking ray (goddamit this is getting confusing) but starts to love them then not and loses them but gains them again (good grief).The shrinking ray gun is wonderful and a must have for stealing the moon but it does have a drawback (you'll see), I know its a strange review and not that comphrensive but all I'll say is give it a go but don't tell anyone unless you have kids and use them as an excuse (I don't have kids of my own).

Okay the animation is excellent, the minions (the little one and two eyed yellow tic tac looking guys) are brilliant and the highlight of the movie, everything is good and perfect for adults and obviously kids and make sure to keep watching the credits at the end because there is more minion shenanigans.

The minions are brilliant and I want some.


  1. You're right brother, excellent movie.

    Minions for their own movie.

  2. I've been wanting to watch this for awhile now.

  3. I saw this one, it's really great for all ages if you like comedy!


    PS you have captcha on for coments

  4. I have yet to see this movie! :)

  5. I pleased to see I'm not the only one reviewing animation. I'm a big fan of it and am tired of adults who consider it the sole domain of children.
    Animation is for all to enjoy!
    Oh yeah...quite like the film too!...not my favortie but good all the same.

  6. "and make sure to keep watching the credits at the end because there is more minion shenanigans."

    Amongst all the cuteness of the girls and the balloon popping at the start this is the best part of the movie.

    Seriouslly, I see so many people commenting on those and I hope one of you is a mad scientist that is going to make them ASAP [if you are a mad scientist I am not implying you are like from the movie ;) ]

    4+ for the movie!


  7. I loved this movie. I saw it in the theater and was in pain with my spine but then when I saw it again at home, I loved it even more. Great stuff.

    I enjoyed your review of how cutely drawn the girls were. So true. And I never thought about it before but the minions did look like tic tacs. I just read what you wrote to Tim and he said, "They kind of did look like tic tacs."

    I love the part about him reading the book before bed and how he thought it was terrible. Then he wrote his own.

    Great great stuff. When this movie goes cheaper, I'll get a copy for home.

    Oh, and the part where Gru says, "The appearance of the pretty makes no difference to me." Love that.

    Great great movie. I loved it.

    Oh ... and I love the part about the little girl holding the unicorn and she says, "it's so fluffy."


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