Monday, 27 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 20: No Country for Old Men.(4 STARS)

Josh Brolin plays Llewelyn Moss a vietnam veteran who stumbles upon a drog deal gone bad and finds $2,000,000 and unleashes Javier Bardems character Anton Chigurh ( a relentless, ruthless unfeeling monster/killer) who pursues the money and Moss laying waste to everybody including employers in his search for Moss and the money, Tommy Lee Jones plays sheriff Ed Tom Bell who pursues the case with an ever growing sense of horror at the crime is he is investigating and how the country is changing for the worse.

This an incredible movie with a stand out performance from Javier Bardem as the grim killer (the scene when he escapes the sheriffs deputy whilst still handcuffed and the look on his face is amazing).The ending is strange and quick and threw me a little as it sort of ends abruptly and made me go find the book it was based on and read it but it follows the movie virtually to the word but the title is very appropiate for the ending.


  1. One of the few movies that stayed true to the book IMO.

  2. loved it, friend-o. Easy to watch again and again.

  3. Good review! I still need to see about 5-6 of Coen Bros movies..

  4. The ending threw me too, though enjoyed the movie, great review


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