Friday, 17 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 17: Rambo.(4 STARS)

This movie rekindled my admiration for Sylvester Stallone with a grim, bloody and eye opening movie depicting atrocities in Burma towards towards the Karen people with actual footage shown at the beginning of real atrocities.Rambo is living in Thailand at this time and ferries some missionaries into Burma(some end up dead and others taken hostage during an attack on a village by Burmese troops).The US minister in charge of the missionaries approaches Rambo to lead a team of mercenaries to the spot where he dropped them off, which he finally agrees to but against his better judgement he joins the mercenaries and goes about rescuing the hostages and taking down the leader of the local  burmese military forces(excellent bad guy).The action in the movie is exciting but incredibly bloody( body parts flying around), the mercaneries are fine and do the job but Rambo who is looking his age now is the star with nothing too outlandish in the stunt department or too many one liners just blunt, brooding and straight to the point (violence that is) the end scene is the stand out scene and seeing what a .50 cal does to human tissue is educational to say the least.
A real adult crowd pleaser with the message of what is going on in Burma at that time to the Karen people.


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