Thursday, 16 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 16: Taken.(4 STARS)

When this came out it was pretty much hammered by critics who hated it but this is one of Liam Neesons finest, he plays a retired CIA spy whose love for his only daughter borders on the obsessive, she lives with Liams ex-wive and wealthy stepfather.She convinces her dad(Liam) that herself and a female friend can go to Paris for a short stay but while over there she gets kidnapped by traffickers and before she is taken she gets a brief call to her dad who reacts badly and what ensues is a quick paced action movie which involves the sort of action seen in the Bourne movies as Liam Neeson kicks and kills ass all over Paris(at a slighty slower pace than Bourne but only because of age).Its a wonderful movie that shows what happens when you mess with a guys daughter whose daddy has been killing people for his goverment for years and as a kidnapper never ever say say "Good Luck" to said dad(best scene in the movie and alone worth watching the movie for).The only thing that lets this down is how mushy Liam comes across at the beginning as a father and a small side story about the daughter wanting to be a pop star but thats probably just me.


  1. I wonder if Liam Neeson lives through the whole movie, I'm having a hard time remembering the last big one he made it through.

  2. I watched this again a week or so ago as I quite enjoy it! Agree re the mushy stuff. And thoroughly agree e 'that' scene. I also like the first telephone conversation with the kidnapper!
    Well worth a watch!


  3. Love this movie loads, I am hoping he does another

  4. gotta see if this is in the Redbox


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