Friday, 3 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 13: The Chronicles of Riddick (4 STARS)

The only Vin Diesel movie I really like is a sequel set 5 years after the action in "Pitch Black", the other 2 survivors(Jack and Inam) of that movie draw riddick back to civilisation(one to rescue and one for a bounty) and a fight against the Necromongers who are overuning worlds converting inhabitants into necromongers.A bounty is placed on riddick to draw him back to counter the necromonger Lord Marshal because of a link to a dead planet(Furya) riddick is from(now you must watch the directors cut of this movie for more information and detail of this and it does improve the movie rating by a star).The action is fast paced and I like the character of riddick and a good supporting cast (Karl Urban) make this a very good if a little cliched movie.

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