Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 9: Dead Man's Shoes.(5 STARS)

This movie is in my top ten movies of all time, it covers one of my main loves in movies(revenge well done).Paddy Considine (a para) returns to his hometown to sort out a real sleazebag bunch of drug dealers(they really are) who have used and abused his younger brother.This is low budget but it gripped me from the scene in a pool hall when some of the gang are hanging out and his interaction for a brief moment sets the tone and I was engrossed until the end.Paddy Consindine gives a brilliant performance, so does Toby Kebell as the younger brother(saw him recently in "Rocknrolla" as the title character), some of the other performances are a little suspect but it doesn't matter as this movie will shock and engross you until the bitter end.Director Shane Meadows greatest moment(have never liked anything else he has done anyway near as much, great soundtrack aswell especially the opening track. 


  1. Good call. Also one of my favourite movies of all time too.

  2. Just finished watching this on your recommendation and it is a sparse and intense film. Really enjoyed it. I know a few people who would fit right in for some of the parts. For a low budget film it is spot on.
    Thanks for the pointer.
    Next up: Horde!


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