Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 5: Resident Evil Afterlife.(3 STARS)

Saw this but not in its 3D finery and have to say if not for my love of nearly all things zombie this would have got 2 STARS as it is OK but nothing great.Starts off with an attack on the Umbrella organisation in Tokyo by Alice(Milla Jovovich) and then becomes a search for Arcadia with a bunch of survivors Alice hooks up with including Claire Redfield(Ali Larter) and Chris Redfield(Wentworth Miller) and some guys who are not going to see the end credits.The bad guys are represented by Albert Wesker(Shawn Roberts) who gives it his all, there is plenty of action and  gore but it was predictable(there is a very good scene with a creature called The Executioner though) and you can see where the 3D stuff would have happened(some of it looks good) if I was watching in that format.I have liked the resident evil movies all along even when they are weak like Extinction but I would watch it again if there really was nothing esle to watch.

NB.The ending is alright but ends with another sequel opportunity that irritates because its a bit much and with the quality and performance of this movie there may not be anymore made.

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