Monday, 27 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 20: No Country for Old Men.(4 STARS)

Josh Brolin plays Llewelyn Moss a vietnam veteran who stumbles upon a drog deal gone bad and finds $2,000,000 and unleashes Javier Bardems character Anton Chigurh ( a relentless, ruthless unfeeling monster/killer) who pursues the money and Moss laying waste to everybody including employers in his search for Moss and the money, Tommy Lee Jones plays sheriff Ed Tom Bell who pursues the case with an ever growing sense of horror at the crime is he is investigating and how the country is changing for the worse.

This an incredible movie with a stand out performance from Javier Bardem as the grim killer (the scene when he escapes the sheriffs deputy whilst still handcuffed and the look on his face is amazing).The ending is strange and quick and threw me a little as it sort of ends abruptly and made me go find the book it was based on and read it but it follows the movie virtually to the word but the title is very appropiate for the ending.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 19: Sherlock Holmes(2009).(4 STARS)

This is a quality movie reinventing the sherlock holmes legend and it was reinvented again by the BBC with the modern 3 part tv series in 2010(excellent).Sherlock Holmes is played by (Robert Downey JR, excellent) and assisted by Dr.Watson(Jude Law, very good  but I usually do not like him but in this its different) fighting the occult powers of Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong, excellent and the same  in Rocknrolla and Kick-Ass).Lord Blackwood is killing women and when caught by Sherlock Holmes he ends up been hanged for his crimes but rises up from the grave and continues with his plan which involves taking over the British goverment.

The action is fast and furious and very entertaining with a brilliant soundtrack(rocky road to dublin by the dubliners) and introduces an excellent Lestrade and an unidentified Professor Moriarty flexing his muscles.

 And part 2 has started filming going by this.....

Monday, 20 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 18: Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.(4 STARS)

This is a bit of a classic with me about a bunch of 5 criminals who screw a simple job up big time for the man with the plan (Christopher Walken, brilliant) and the ensuing problems when a hit man (Steve Buscemi) is dispatched to settle the score for said man.Jimmy the Saint(Andy Garcia, quality as always) who is initially given the job and puts the rest of the crew together to scare a guy(that doesn't happen and things go to hell), the rest of the crew Pieces (Christopher Lloyd), Critical Bill (Treat Williams, incredibly good), William Forsythe (Franchise) and Easy Wind (Bill Nunn).
There are side stories all over as the story unfolds with Jimmy trying to get everyone away from the reprisals, love interests with Gabrielle Anwar and Fairuza Balk(very well done) and going out in style, this is an excellent character driven story and will introduce new words to your vocabulary like Buckwheats, Boatdrinks and to a lesser extent MammyRammer.......and as always my favourite a touch of revenge and a good ending? 

You will agree with what Critical Bill says to Jimmy about the initial job going wrong and want to kill him aswell.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 17: Rambo.(4 STARS)

This movie rekindled my admiration for Sylvester Stallone with a grim, bloody and eye opening movie depicting atrocities in Burma towards towards the Karen people with actual footage shown at the beginning of real atrocities.Rambo is living in Thailand at this time and ferries some missionaries into Burma(some end up dead and others taken hostage during an attack on a village by Burmese troops).The US minister in charge of the missionaries approaches Rambo to lead a team of mercenaries to the spot where he dropped them off, which he finally agrees to but against his better judgement he joins the mercenaries and goes about rescuing the hostages and taking down the leader of the local  burmese military forces(excellent bad guy).The action in the movie is exciting but incredibly bloody( body parts flying around), the mercaneries are fine and do the job but Rambo who is looking his age now is the star with nothing too outlandish in the stunt department or too many one liners just blunt, brooding and straight to the point (violence that is) the end scene is the stand out scene and seeing what a .50 cal does to human tissue is educational to say the least.
A real adult crowd pleaser with the message of what is going on in Burma at that time to the Karen people.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 16: Taken.(4 STARS)

When this came out it was pretty much hammered by critics who hated it but this is one of Liam Neesons finest, he plays a retired CIA spy whose love for his only daughter borders on the obsessive, she lives with Liams ex-wive and wealthy stepfather.She convinces her dad(Liam) that herself and a female friend can go to Paris for a short stay but while over there she gets kidnapped by traffickers and before she is taken she gets a brief call to her dad who reacts badly and what ensues is a quick paced action movie which involves the sort of action seen in the Bourne movies as Liam Neeson kicks and kills ass all over Paris(at a slighty slower pace than Bourne but only because of age).Its a wonderful movie that shows what happens when you mess with a guys daughter whose daddy has been killing people for his goverment for years and as a kidnapper never ever say say "Good Luck" to said dad(best scene in the movie and alone worth watching the movie for).The only thing that lets this down is how mushy Liam comes across at the beginning as a father and a small side story about the daughter wanting to be a pop star but thats probably just me.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 15: SKYLINE.(3 STARS)

I saw this recently even with the majority of people not liking it according to other blogs and websites but I am a sucker for an alien invasion movie.The actors in the movie were not really known to me other than knowing them from the TV, Donald Faison (Turk from Scrubs), David Zayas (Angel Batista from Dexter), Scottie Thompson( Tonys girlfriend in NCIS for 16 episodes) but the actors in general are OK but the star are the aliens and the CGI, the aliens are a cross between the matrix sentinels and George Lucas beasts in varying sizes, there are motherships and there are more brains on view here than a good zombie movie.The attack on the mothership by predators and stealth bombers is a highlight,there are F-22 raptors,some ground troops and helicopters as the military fights back but the aliens have a trick up their sleeve and as I said human brains play a lot in this movie.The ending leaves itself open for a sequel but also is the weakest point but only because it irritated me as I felt it was silly.This movie is worth a watch and I would watch it again on DVD but with some fast forwarding but it is a CGI movie and quite good at it.

Review guide for rating at bottom of blog.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 14: Shutter Island.(4 STARS)

Not a fan of DiCaprio but he's been in some good movies with other actors that have been good(The Departed, Gangs of New York....) so viewed this movie with mild interest but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this movie including DiCaprio's performance.
Two US marshal's travel to an offshore asylum(DiCaprio) and his new partner(Mark Ruffalo) to investigate the disappearance of a patient and also for DiCaprio to confront another patient who he believes killed his wife.Obstacles are thrown in their path at every turn by the asylum senior psychologists(Ben Kingsley and Max Von Sydow) and believe that experiments are been carried out on patients and conspiracy is the name of the game.What follows is a great story that when it ends you suddenly see everything that would have led you to the ending which even I did not see coming.This movie had lots of us talking about it but for once about what we should have seen and not what we had seen if that makes sense.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 13: The Chronicles of Riddick (4 STARS)

The only Vin Diesel movie I really like is a sequel set 5 years after the action in "Pitch Black", the other 2 survivors(Jack and Inam) of that movie draw riddick back to civilisation(one to rescue and one for a bounty) and a fight against the Necromongers who are overuning worlds converting inhabitants into necromongers.A bounty is placed on riddick to draw him back to counter the necromonger Lord Marshal because of a link to a dead planet(Furya) riddick is from(now you must watch the directors cut of this movie for more information and detail of this and it does improve the movie rating by a star).The action is fast paced and I like the character of riddick and a good supporting cast (Karl Urban) make this a very good if a little cliched movie.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 12: Machete.(3 STARS)

Saw a fictional trailer for this movie about two years ago belonging to Grindhouse attached to the movie Planet Terror, now we have an actual movie starring the excellent Danny Trejo(what a face!) playing the title role as an ex federale turned vigilante/mercenary against corrupt politician(Robert De Niro), finds himself on the run and teamed up with mexican immigrants led by Michelle Rodriguez.
The movie is so bad its good with some of the most over the top opening and continuing violence,laugh out loud humour(some of it is intentional) bad acting especially from De Niro and an over the top confusing story that goes all over the place but it has still got enough going for it especially from Trejo and supporting cast(Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin and others) but Lindsay Lohans nudity scene with the phone is certainly worth seeing.There are limbs all over the place and even a 3ft long machete but the one scene which should helps is"Machete don't text"   

Angry Movie Lurker Review 11: The A -Team.(4 STARS)

Saw this a while back and must admit it was a damn good movie with small moments of nonsense(flying tank), it has a good cast especially Sharlto Copley playing Murdoch and it also explains how B.A developed his problem with flying.It shows the team before they are imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit and after their escape.It is loud, brash, funny and and good fun with only some improbable scenes(flying tank scene anybody) taking anything away from a great cast doing the movie proud.The original cast would be proud and we like it when a plan comes together..  

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 10: La Horde:(3 STARS)

Watched this last week as I am a bit of a fan of Zombie movies, this is a french one from the director Yannick Dahan.It starts as a revenge trip for 4 corrupt police officers as they attempt to kill the criminal responsible for the death of one of their own, that mission goes bad for them and they are at the mercy of the criminals when zombie hell breaks out literally and they have to join forces to fight off the zombie menace(fast zombie and slow zombies?).This is a grim movie and would be a lot better if you actually cared for any of the main characters but you don't(I did not recognise any of the main actors possibly because they were french and not really known to me),The movie is quick paced and set in the location of a tower block and it just about worth 3 STARS for a couple of good scenes(.30 cal WW2 light machine gun and a corridor full of zombies being a stand out moment).Remember revenge is a dish best served cold and your greatest danger is always going to be other survivors.

By the way watch it in its native language it really helps.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 9: Dead Man's Shoes.(5 STARS)

This movie is in my top ten movies of all time, it covers one of my main loves in movies(revenge well done).Paddy Considine (a para) returns to his hometown to sort out a real sleazebag bunch of drug dealers(they really are) who have used and abused his younger brother.This is low budget but it gripped me from the scene in a pool hall when some of the gang are hanging out and his interaction for a brief moment sets the tone and I was engrossed until the end.Paddy Consindine gives a brilliant performance, so does Toby Kebell as the younger brother(saw him recently in "Rocknrolla" as the title character), some of the other performances are a little suspect but it doesn't matter as this movie will shock and engross you until the bitter end.Director Shane Meadows greatest moment(have never liked anything else he has done anyway near as much, great soundtrack aswell especially the opening track. 

Angry Movie Lurker Review 8: Cop Out.(2 STARS)

A buddy cop movie with Bruce Willis in it you can't go wrong?(yes you bloody can go wrong) this is a bad movie with very few laughs and for a supposed comedy  this is not good.Basically the duo of Willis and Morgan(shouts a lot) are suspended from the force without pay and Willis needs money to pay for his daughters wedding so he tries to sell a rare baseball card which ends up in the hands of a mexican criminal gang and the ensuing chase to get it back, I do not know what is wrong with Willis but he's not happy in this movie and it shows, Morgan(an awful lot of unfunny shouting) is really not good and the director Kevin Smith(who did not write the dialogue) cannot get it together.There are 2 stand out moments that I can remember, a scrotum punching exchange and Seann William Scott giving a good performance as a burglar.This movie does not get 1 STAR only because Willis is still good even when it looks like he doesn't care.Avoid but maybe check Youtube for the scrotum punching exchange bit.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 7: Lucky Number Slevin.(5 STARS)

This is a great movie about revenge that finds Josh Hartnett going through the one of the worst cases of mistaken identity, forced to kill somebody to pay off a debt that he does not owe with a real hitman(Bruce Willis) on the prowl and two heads of rival criminal factions Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley) plus the added burden of the police and a coroner(Lucy Liu).A stand out movie that is in my top ten(sort of shows my take on the movies I like).By the way did I say this movie is about revenge.A must see. 

Angry Movie Lurker Review 6: Knight and Day.(3 STARS)

Started to watch this movie with a little trepidation due to some comments from friends but I found the movie to be quiet enjoyable but pure popcorn.Cameron Diaz becomes caught up in super spy Tom Cruise's life as a suspected rogue CIA agent,the plot follows the search and chase for an everlasting battery between Cruise and bad guy Peter Sarsgaard, what follows is virtually unrelenting mayhem from beginning to near soppy ending(my other half loved it) acrooss a lot of the globe but its enjoyable has some great set peices and stunts(lots of CGI) and I recommend it as a 3 STAR no brainer with good performances from both leads but damn near being a rom-com.

Angry Movie Lurker Review 5: Resident Evil Afterlife.(3 STARS)

Saw this but not in its 3D finery and have to say if not for my love of nearly all things zombie this would have got 2 STARS as it is OK but nothing great.Starts off with an attack on the Umbrella organisation in Tokyo by Alice(Milla Jovovich) and then becomes a search for Arcadia with a bunch of survivors Alice hooks up with including Claire Redfield(Ali Larter) and Chris Redfield(Wentworth Miller) and some guys who are not going to see the end credits.The bad guys are represented by Albert Wesker(Shawn Roberts) who gives it his all, there is plenty of action and  gore but it was predictable(there is a very good scene with a creature called The Executioner though) and you can see where the 3D stuff would have happened(some of it looks good) if I was watching in that format.I have liked the resident evil movies all along even when they are weak like Extinction but I would watch it again if there really was nothing esle to watch.

NB.The ending is alright but ends with another sequel opportunity that irritates because its a bit much and with the quality and performance of this movie there may not be anymore made.

Angry Movie Lurker Review 4: RED.(3 STARS)

Saw this movie recently mainly because it had Bruce Willis in it and the promo seemed to cover most demands I have(guns, action and humor),the movie is based on a 3 issue comic book by Warren Ellis in 2003/4.
Willis(still got it and a movie made for him) is a retired CIA operative who is been pursued by assassins led by Karl Urban(bad guy/very good actor) after contact with a girl at his pension provider,they go on the run and get the retired gang back together, Freeman(dependable as always), Malovich(playing the lunatic who believes they are out to get him and he is right), Mirren(great scene) and some outside assistance from Brian Cox(the russian) the action is plentiful, plenty of laughs and one liners,great performances from everybody and a good ending make this a 3 STAR bordering on a 4 STAR, recommended.

Angry Movie Lurker Review 3: Jonah Hex.(3 STARS)

Saw this with little knowledge other than it was a western with a scarred Josh Brolin in the lead with Megan Fox and John Malkovich as the bad guy.It seems to be set after the ACW with Hex as a bounty hunter formerly with the confederate army(portrayed as a bit of a git) who witnessed his familys death at the hands of Turnbull(Malkovich) and is branded by Turnbull and left for dead, he is healed by Indians and develops an ability to talk to the dead(I know I thought the same thing) but without giving too much away the movie is a revenge trip but also a mission to save the country from Turnbull and his secret weapon(not that big a secret).Megan Fox plays a hooker with a heart of stone(except for Jonah),the action scenes are over the top,a lot of cliches(including Turnbulls right hand bad man being an Irishman and an incredible over the top performance aside but the main point being the Irish are always the good guys and never ginger) but there is a lot of action and a good bodycount and Megan Fox is in it!

I give the movie 3 STARS as it wasn't that bad and it fulfilled the 3 STAR rule(guide at bottom of page) but maybe it was the humour I was in at the time. I have never read the comics and I believe that may have helped the scoring.

Angry Movie Lurker Review 2: The Good, The Bad, The Weird.(4 STARS)

The Good,The Bad,The Weird came out in 2008 and is set in 1930's Manchuria and tells the story of a hunt for a treasure map(buried Qing dynasty riches) and the three main characters involvement in locating it, The Good(bounty hunter), The Bad(bandit and hitman) and the Weird(thief), involved aswell are a multitude of other characters including a large pursuing group of Manchurian Bandits and the Japanese army.This is one hell of a movie and try to watch the Korean version as the ending is better, it has a great soundtrack, good bodycount, insane action set pieces and hopefully when I say to people now have you seen the film they will go yes and it was bloody brilliant.

Angry Movie Lurker Review 1: The Expendables.(4 STARS)

Saw the Expendables and I have to say was not expecting much from it but was suprised at how much I enjoyed it even with the overacting and ham acting from some of the leads(some of them are not ageing well)but the violence,action scenes,set pieces and humour made this a very enjoyable movie and the ending just rounded out a damn good experience.Basically a mercenary team are paid to kill the leader of a south american country for the CIA(always the bad guy now) but end up helping the country.If the scene near the end with the AA-12 shotgun does not make you laugh out loud and shout I apologise(not really).
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